Salvia pratensis

Oxfordshire Flora Group


Salvia pratensis, Meadow Clary

Meadow Clary at Glyme Farm, 2015.
Photo by Geoff Moxon

On a verge south of Ardley there was a group of Meadow Clary (Salvia pratensis) plants which by 1996 had dwindled to only six. In 1998 the County Council scraped the topsoil off an adjacent strip and attempts were made to build up the population using seed from the original plants. One plant, planted in 2000, flowers regularly and at one point had 14 young ones growing round it. Scattering seed on prepared areas also produced more plants.

In 2018, trimmings from very prickly Blackthorn were laid them over the young rosettes to protect them from grazing by rabbits and deer and this was most successful.