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Rare Plants Register

Agrostemma githago, Corncockle. Photo by Frances Watkins
Papaver argemone, Prickly Poppy. Photo by Frances Watkins
Papaver hybridum, Rough Poppy. Photo by Frances Watkins

Oxfordshire’s Threatened Plants has now been published

Go to Pisces Publications to order a copy.

This book features detailed species accounts of the 274 species that are either nationally or locally scarce in our area. This number represents about a third of the native flora of the county. We were alarmed to find that more than 50 species recorded as present in the Flora of Oxfordshire published in 1998, cannot now be found wild in the county.

We followed the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland’s guidelines on including species. The Thames Valley Records Centre handled the data and provided very informative maps showing species loss against the geological character of the land.

There are also general chapters on the habitats of threatened plants and the causes of the decline over time. Finally, recommendations for helping prevent further decline are included.

You can see some of the results online in the lists below:

Utricularia vulgaris, Greater Bladderwort. Photo by Frances Watkins
Juniperus communis – Juniper. Photo by Frances Watkins
Althaea hirsuta, Rough Marsh-mallow. Photo by Frances Watkins

This work has been supported by Natural England, the Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre, the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland and the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust.