Fritillary 11


A pressed specimen of Fritillaria meleagris from the Oxford University Herbaria

Fritillary 11 is the eighth on-line volume of Fritillary. From this page you can download the articles in Fritillary 11 in PDF format .

Fritillary 11 is not yet completed. You may read and download papers from here should you wish. Eventually hard copies of the completed journal will be available.


  1. Seed viability analysis of a mature Juniperus communis Juniper population in the Chiltern Hills
    M. C. Rodgers and M. W. Bulbert
    published online October 2022
    Great Britain has only three native conifers and one of these, Juniperus communis, is in serious decline. Understanding what has led to this decline is paramount. We examined seed viability in a mature stand of Juniperus communis ssp. communis on a steeply sloped mature chalk grassland SSSI site in the Chiltern Hills in Oxfordshire, England.