Fritillary 9


Fritillary 9


A pressed specimen of Fritillaria meleagris from the Oxford University Herbaria

Fritillary 9 is the sixth on-line volume of Fritillary. From this page you can download the articles in Fritillary 9 in PDF format .

Fritillary 9 is not yet completed. You may read and download papers from here should you wish. Eventually hard copies of the completed journal will be available.


  1. Surveys of Pyramidal and Other Orchids on Roadside Verges around Hinksey Hill Interchange, Oxford, 2012 – 2020
    M. Bloom
    published online November 2020
    Michael Bloom, a member of the Abingdon Naturalists Society, presents a thorough and detailed report on the orchid displays around the Hinksey Hill Interchange which have given pleasure to bus passengers travelling to and from Oxford and to passing motorists.