Fritillary 8


Fritillary 8


Sliver-washed Fritillary
Photo by Andy Fairbairn

Fritillary 8 is the fifth on-line volume of Fritillary. From this page you can download the articles in Fritillary 8 in PDF format .

You can download individual papers from here. When the volume is complete you will be able to print it all off, including a cover, the editorial and the introduction or you will be able to buy a printed copy.


  1. Birthwort at Godstow, 2003-2013, and as featured in a 17th-century poem set in Oxford
    S. Ottway
    published online October 2018
    A brief account is given of the occurrence of Birthwort (Aristolochia clematitis), as monitored between 2003 and 2013, at the site of the ruins of Godstow Abbey near Oxford. In addition, a 17th-century link between Birthwort and Oxford is described in a didactic poem by Abraham
    Cowley (1618-1667), written in Latin, entitled Plantarum Libri Sex (‘Six Books of Plants’). Part of this long poem (Book II) features Birthwort as one of several personified medicinal herbs that assemble within the Oxford Botanic Garden one night to hold a debate, during which each herb recommends its own merits for relieving the particular medical afflictions of women.