Fritillary 3


Fritillary 3


The Unique Ecosystems of the Oxfordshire Valley-head Fens

Celebrating the centenary of the first nature reserve in Oxfordshire
Multi-disciplinary research supporting conservation

An opportunity to read multi-disciplinary accounts of the origins, workings, diverse biology and conservation of these ecosystems which have hitherto not been understood.


  • New experimental and descriptive work on the nutrient requirements of the vegetation explains much of the unique nature of these habitats
  • Studies of the rare and characteristic invertebrates show how very special these sites are
  • Many important conclusions are made for the conservation of these fens
  • This approach represents a paradigm for the understanding and future sustainability of specific ecosystems
  • Vegetation history since the last ice age by Petra Dark
  • Hydrology by Peter Morris
  • New insights into the botany by Bryan Wheeler
  • The importance for invertebrates by Keith Porter
  • The southern damselfly by Graham Steven
  • Molluscs by Steve Gregory