Fritillary 2


Fritillary 2


The Wildlife of the Three Counties

Millennium edition

The content of this issue recognises the loss of wildlife as a result of widely publicised changes in land-use during the latter part of the 20th century and the changing attitudes following the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992. In this volume there are articles on rare and widespread plants, fish, birds and snails.


  • The flora of the Oxford Ring Road by Caroline Jackson-Houlston
  • Meadow dandelions by Alison McDonald
  • The wild celery story by Ann Cole
  • The native grape hyacinth by Jo Dunn
  • Fish Rescue by Darren Bedworth
  • Farmland birds of Oxfordshire in the twentieth century by Phil Barnett
  • Farmland flowers by Susanna Kay
  • Status and distribution of molluscs by Steve Gregory