Fritillary Journal

First published in 1990, this journal continues the traditions of the Society with scientific articles of a high academic standard, reporting results from local botanical and zoological surveys and experimental projects. It is published as a joint venture with BBOWT.

See below for instructions about submitting a paper to Fritillary.

We are now working on the eleventh volume of Fritillary. The journal also has two additional sections: Fritillary Reports with species reports from the Rare Plants Group, (now the Oxfordshire Flora Group) and Fritillary Extra with extracts from the past relating to the Ashmolean Natural History Society of Oxford. Please take a look to see what is there by clicking on these items below.



If you would like to submit a paper to Fritillary you should contact the Fritillary editor.

You will find guidelines for the formatting of your submission in the guidelines document, but please contact the editor first. Note that these guidelines are the latest and supersede those in previously published volumes of Fritillary.