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Category: ANHSO Talk Martin Harvey - Soldierflies and allies in Oxfordshire and beyond

Tue, Dec 5th 2023

Soldierflies, robberflies, bee-flies, horseflies - these are just some of the intriguing insects that are the focus of the National Recording Scheme for Soldierflies and Allies. This talk will introduce the flies and their natural history, including some of the special species that can be found near Oxford.

Martin Harvey is an entomologist and biological recorder based at the UKCEH Biological Records Centre, where he works on projects including the iRecord online recording system, liaison with national recording schemes, and the UK Pollinator Monitoring Scheme. He also teaches for Field Studies Council. As a volunteer Martin runs the national Soldierflies and Allies Recording Scheme, and is County Moth Recorder for Berkshire vice-county.

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The meeting will be held virtually on Zoom

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