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Category: ANHSO Talk Dr Keith Kirby - Wytham Woods - perhaps the most researched wood in the world?

Mon, Jun 6th 2022 Tue, Jun 7th 2022

Wytham Woods are often described as one of the most studied woods in the world, but how did this come about and how have the studies changed our understanding of the natural world? From early field observations by David Lack and Charles Elton to records from drones and satellites the talk will look at trials and tribulations (as well as some of the triumphs) of research in 400 ha of rather ordinary lowland woodland.

Dr Kirby was brought up in Essex and studied Agricultural and Forest Sciences in Oxford, followed by a D.Phil looking at bramble growth in Wytham. He joined the Nature Conservancy Council in 1979 as a woodland ecologist and stayed in that post (as the organisation changed twice!) until 2012, when he retired to Oxford to continue researching woodland plant ecology as a hobby.

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