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8:00 pm: Beccy Micklem and Chloe Edwards - Oxfordshire's Local Nature Recovery Strategy, agreeing priorities for nature's recovery

Tue, Apr 16th 2024

What does Oxfordshire offer in terms of nature recovery, and what could we become? The Local Nature Recovery Strategy intends to create a vision for the county that brings together ecological data, species data, and people's priorities for the county. Our goal is to indicate where delivery actions could be taken to help achieve shared nature recovery priorities. This is an ongoing strategy and this talk will describe how we have navigated the process and what we intend to achieve.

Chloe Edwards is Local Nature Recovery Strategy Project Manager and Beccy Micklem is Team Leader Biodiversity at Oxfordshire County Council

Free to ANHSO members

Oxford Road
Oxford, OX5 1AB
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10:30 am: Camilla Lambrick and Sue Helm - Bluebells at Foxholes, BBOWT reserve at Bruern, Chipping Norton

Sun, May 5th 2024

Foxholes is a remnant of the historic Wychwood Forest. It includes an extensive acid cap, and slopes down over lime-rich clays towards the River Evenlode. The Bluebells of this ancient semi-natural woodland should be in full flight, with other notable species such as Herb Paris, Wood Sorrel, Wood Goldilocks and Early Purple Orchids. This woodland is an SSSI under the name of Bould Wood, it has some oak standards with hazel coppice and also area planted with Beech, Hornbeam and Lime. It is notable for the wide variety of unusual fungi and butterflies. It can be very muddy even in May so good footwear is essential. Grid ref. SP254206. Parking at Bruern Farms Café and shop, OX7 6QE see

If you would like to stay for lunch, please let Sue know by Sunday 28th April.