Category: ANHSO Talk Roselle Chapman - Why wild bees matter

Roselle Chapman - Why wild bees matter

June 4, 2019

Our wild bees and other pollinators are so important, but they are still the unsung heroes of the environment, gardens and countryside and continue to decline in number and range. The talk will identify what we can all do to help wild bees. Many of the actions we take to protect one pollinator species, such as flower rich habitat creation and reduction in pesticide use, will assist biodiversity as a whole.

Roselle Chapman joined Wild Oxfordshire in 2017 as Community Ecologist. Roselle's fascination for wildlife was developed whilst growing up on a farm in Norfolk and rock pooling on holiday in Jersey. She has a BSc Hons in Marine Biology and studied bumble bee ecology and genetics for her Ph.D. Roselle has worked in field biology and conservation biology for over twenty years in the Indian Ocean and the UK.

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