Category: ANHSO Talk Dr Fortey - Learning from a small Chiltern woodland

Dr Fortey - Learning from a small Chiltern woodland

April 5, 2022

Warburg Memorial Lecture – Joint with BBOWT
Richard Fortey will explore the human and natural history of a small Chiltern beech wood, showing how an ancient semi natural woodland came about, and how the animals, plants and fungi that live there are specially adapted to it. He will illustrate how biodiversity can be explored at the local level.

Richard Fortey was senior palaeontologist at the Natural History Museum, London. He is the author more than 200 scientific papers and 9 popular science books. He is Fellow of both the Royal Society and of the Royal Society of Literature.

A cash collection for the speaker's chosen charity, Australian Wildlife Conservancy, will be made on the door (suggested donation £3).

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