Category: ANHSO Talk Dr Ben Woodcock - Promoting insect biodiversity in farming systems

Dr Ben Woodcock - Promoting insect biodiversity in farming systems

June 1, 2021

This talk will discuss the impacts of modern intensive agriculture on the biodiversity of insects, with a particular focus on those species that play a key role in supporting key ecosystem services such as the pollination of crops or predation of pest species. I will then talk about the approaches that can be applied to try and minimise these impacts by working with the farming community.

Dr Ben Woodcock is an Ecological Entomologist working at the UK centre for ecology and Hydrology. Ben did his undergraduate and PhD at Imperial College before working for 8 years at the University of Reading. He has been working on supporting insect biodiversity in agricultural systems for nearly 20 years focusing on the role of management approaches to support insect pollinators (like bees) as well as species providing natural pest control (like ground beetles and spiders). His recent work has focused on the impacts of insecticide use on bees, looking particularly at the effects of neonicotinoids used on oilseed rape.

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