A recent addition to the library

History of the Library and access to books

Just a few months after joining the Natural History Society of Oxfordshire, Miss Swann of Woodstock Road donated a few books which formed the basis of the current Library of the Society. This necessitated a new Officer, a Librarian, and Miss Claridge was then appointed to the post in February 1895. The present Ashmolean Natural History Society came into existence in 1901 after the amalgamation of the Ashmolean Society with the Natural History Society of Oxfordshire and Field Club. A set of Library rules were drawn up in 1902 and later revised. In 1902 the books were transferred to the Glastonbury Kitchen of the University Museum. They have been moved a number of times since.

Today the Library comprises nearly 600 books. 76 of the books are those published under the New Naturalist series, dating from 1945.

An electronic version of the current list of books in the Library can be sent to members on request to the Librarian, contact details below. Books can be borrowed for 3 months (i.e. 12 weeks) by arrangement with the Librarian. Selected books can be brought to lecture meetings or collected from the Librarian in Oxford. The Society’s Library is not open to the public but is a benefit of membership of the Society. Access to the books therefore can only be arranged with the Librarian, please email her using the contact form.

Another recent addition to the library

A selection of books in the Library published since 2000

  • BEE, LAWRENCE; OXFORD, GEOFF & SMITH, HELEN. Britain’s Spiders. A Field Guide. 2017.
  • DARK, PETRA. The Environment of Britain in the First Millennium AD. 2000.
  • DEAKIN, ROGER. A Journey Through Trees. 2007.
  • DOWLING, B. (Ed.) Wild Flowers of the Cotswolds. A Millennium celebration of our local wild flowers by the Gloucestershire Society for Botanical Illustration. 2000.
  • ELTON, CHARLES. Animal Ecology. With new introductory material by Mathew A. Leiboldand J. Timothy Wootton. 2001.
  • LANG, DAVID. Wild Orchids of Sussex. 2001./li>
  • MACGREGOR, ARTHUR. The Ashmolean Museum. A brief history of the institution and its collections. 2001.
  • MEAGHER, WALTER & SHEASBY, PETER. Portrait of a River The River Swere in
    Oxfordshire. 2005.
  • ROUX, FRANCIS. John Gould’s Birds of Europe. 2000.
    Woods Oxford’s Ecological Laboratory. 2010.
  • SOUTHWOOD, T.R.E. The Story of Life. 2003.
  • TRUEMAN, IAN, POULTON, MIKE & READE, PAUL. Flora of Birmingham and the
    Black Country. 2013.
  • WHITEHEAD, T., WRIGHT, I. & GOSLER, A. The Birds of Shotover. 2003./li>

From the New Naturalist Series:

  • BEEBEE, TREVOR J.C. & GRIFFITHS, RICHARD, A. Amphibians and Reptiles: A natural history of the British Herpetofauna. 2000.
  • GILBERT, OLIVER. Lichens. 2000.
  • MARREN, PETER. Nature Conservation. A review of the conservation of wildlife in Britain 1950-2001. 2002.
  • PETERKEN, GEORGE. Wye Valley. 2008.
  • PORLEY, RON & HODGETTS, NICK. Mosses and Liverworts. 2005.
  • RACKHAM, OLIVER. Woodlands. 2006.